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Find Businesses 4 Sale | FAQs

  • What are the different Stages that I need to know on Follow up Boss (FUB)?
    Stages in Follow Up Boss are perfect for tracking who a contact is to you right now. Keep your contacts' stages updated and you'll know when it's time to follow up again. Below are the stages that you need to use. Change these stages each time you deal with each lead: Lead - New leads and people that you haven’t made contact with yet A-Hot - Booked an appointment or your active clients should be here B-Warm Monthly - Not ready yet but needs to be followed up monthly in order to convert into a buyer C-Cold Quarterly - Not Ready yet, needs a little more time to get finances in order. Follow up with them every 3 months to see if they would like to begin searching for a Business D-Semi-Annually - Just starting to search for a business and may have potential down the line. You don’t think they will be ready in 3 to 4 months so you follow up with them every 6 months Unresponsive - Waste of time leads, they don’t want to sign a BRA and show no commitment to your hard work. Realtor - Put a Tag on the profile as Realtor and they won’t show up on any of your smartlist to follow up with them. You will see this every now and then Past Clients - Once you close a transaction for a client, put them in the Past client stage. Sphere - Put your commercial banker, accountants, commercial property inspectors, commercial property appraisers, Business valuation experts ​ Don’t use any of the other stages please, Let’s keep our lists organized.
  • What are Smart Lists?
    A smart list within Follow Up Boss streamlines your workflow. Instead of constantly sifting through all your leads individually, the aim is to provide you with a dynamic list that automatically updates based on filters. This allows you to easily identify and reach out to specific individuals, knowing exactly why you're contacting them. Now, you can efficiently connect with those who require your attention without the hassle of manual searching. Below are the smart lists that we have created for you: All People - These are all the leads assigned to you New Leads - These are new leads less than 2 days assigned to you that you haven’t made call to in the last 1 day New Leads 2-15 Days - Leads that you haven’t made a call to in the last two days and they were given to you more than 2 days ago but less than 15 days old Texting Betty Needs Reply - Leads that have texted you back from an action plan but you haven’t yet replied to 3- Hot/Weekly - These are your hot leads or people you have booked an appointment with and waiting to see which stage to move them to. If you call them once a week then they will disappear from this list and automatically show up next week. The goal is to always be in touch with our hot leads and keep in touch with them weekly 4- Warm Monthly - Everyone in the Stage Warm that you haven’t called in the last 30 days 5- Cold/Quarterly - Leads in the Quarterly Stage that you haven’t yet reached in the last 90 days Semi-Annual - Leads in the semi annual stage that you haven’t reached out to in the last 6 months 6- Past Clients/Sphere - Once you close a deal for a client, please put them in the past client stage and your sphere. The goal here is to reach out to them once every 2 months and see how things are going and ask for referrals
  • How To Get Lead Contact Details?
    Click on the Lead Scroll down to the Custom Fields section Click on the FB4S RCA URL Read and sign the RCA Give it a few seconds and the contact information will be visible Email and text automations will begin
  • What are Tags and how do I add them?
    Every now and then you may receive a lead that is actually a Realtor. Put a Tag on the profile as “Realtor” and they won’t show up on any of your Smartlists to follow up with them. Only use Realtor or Renter tags. If a lead inquired about a listing in a given city, then that city tag will show up. This way you can filter out your leads by tags and also price points.
  • I cannot service a lead. How do I remove it from my list?
    If a lead is outside your area of work, or the price point is too low for you, change the Agent to “Willow-Master Account”. We will then reassign it to the relevant agent. Click on Agent > Choose Willow-Master Account > Click on the green tick to save
  • How do I make calls to leads from Follow up Boss?
    We require you to place calls to all leads using your Follow Up Boss account. This ensures that your conversations are recorded, allowing you to review them in case you need to recall the details. It also helps us with reporting so we know you are making calls and we can assign you more and more leads. Please follow the steps below to initiate calls from FUB: Download the Follow up Boss app on your phone or open it on your desktop/ laptop Click on the lead you want to call Click on the phone number on the top left It will first call your phone and then it will call the lead If you want to call directly from the desktop, you can change this in your FUB settings Click on your profile on the top right Click on “My Settings” Scroll to the bottom In the “Calling Method” field, select “Always use Internet”. This will use the VOIP method to make calls directly from your desktop/Laptop
  • Is there a way for me to make notes after every call?
    You can make notes after every interaction with a lead to remember the next steps. These notes can be “Starred” for easy access and to mark them as important. Use @ sign to tag someone in a note in case you have a question regarding the lead and need their input.
  • Can I assign tasks to myself so I remember when to follow up with a lead?
    Everytime a lead enquires about a new property, you will get a task You can set up tasks for follow ups and put reminders so you get a reminder from FUB to follow up
  • Can my appointments be reflected on FUB?
    When you use Calendly to book appointments. They will automatically show up on your FUB account.
  • What are Custom Fields?
    More info about each lead will be provided in the custom fields section for each lead on the left side of their page.
  • How can I Promote my own Listings on FB4S?
    Go to Login with your credentials Click on your profile on the top right Click on Dashboard On the next screen, click on Market Leader Studio on the bottom left On the next screen, click on "Promote a Listing" on the top On the next screen, enter the required details and submit the listing for approval The backend team will approve it and this listing will now be promoted to anyone looking for a listing in that category in your area
  • Can I promote my listings to relevant leads on FB4S?
    Yes. Go to Your Enquiries/Leads Click on Enhanced Buyer Profile All details of leads assigned to you or claimed by you will show up here Scroll to the bottom of this page > See the Top Categories section Click on the category for which you have a listing to promote Change the time frame to last year and click on Details Leads contact details will be provided for you to reach out to them and promote your listing
  • What script can I use to convert more leads?
    Realtor: Hi________________, My Name is ___________ I am a Real Estate Agent with Find Businesses 4 Sale. You inquired about a (type of Business)_____________ for sale on our website. Client: Yes I did Realtor: Do you have a few moments to chat about it? Client: Yes I do, (Go to the speech below) If not, when is a good time for me to give you a call to discuss this further? Realtor Script: (Use your judgment and don’t say everything unless needed, if the client sounds hesitant then use the full script otherwise book the meeting) Realtor: I just wanted to give you a heads up that I am not the listing agent for this business, nor do I know the sellers. I am actually a specialist and I help individuals like yourself purchase a business. Think of me as your buyers agents, we will help you negotiate the price of the business, protect your interest by putting in the right clauses and we will go out there and find a few of these business for you so you can make a better decision on whether this is the right business or should you invest in another. Right now we have over 60,000 businesses for sale on our website and what we generally like to do is book a meeting either virtually or we can meet in my office in _________. During that meeting I will learn more about the type of businesses you are looking for, your ideal budget and I will give you some financing options like the Canada Small Business Loan. Do you have some time to chat this week? Client: Yes I do. Realtor: Great, where abouts do you live? Client: I live in______________ Realtor: Would you like to meet in my office at ______________ or we can do a video conference______________________ Book the Meeting unless you get objections. Objection 1 Client: Ohh I just wanted to see financials for this business? Realtor: Great, I just need a copy of your Driver’s license so I can send you a Non-Disclosure Agreement to Sign. Once you sign that I can request the financials from the sellers. Also would you like me to send you some similar business for sale so you can compare the price of this business vs some of the other one’s? Client: Yes, I would. Realtor: Great, let’s book a meeting so I can learn more about you and the type of businesses you are looking for as well. Objection 2 Client: No, I don't want to book a meeting. Realtor: No Problem, I just need a copy of your driver’s license and I will get those financials for you. (Chances are you will never get their ID, because they are just inquiring about their competitor, family or friends business. Let them go) Objection 3 Client: Why do you need my driver’s license? Realtor: Well we are requesting someone’s financials and let’s be realistic no one wants to give out their financials unless they know who they are giving them out to, right? You wouldn’t want to give out your financials to everyone out there? Same with the sellers. We won’t be forwarding your ID to them but we will be releasing your name. ​ Client: How much do you charge? Realtor: Our services are free for buyers as we get paid by the sellers. Objection 4 When a client is not convinced about giving you an appointment. Tell them we will discuss the Canada Small business loan in our meeting. Realtor: Canada Small business loan, is a loan given by the Government of Canada, where you can borrow up to 500k to start up your business and knock on wood if the business doesn’t work out for any reason then you only have to pay back 25% of it. We will discuss that as well during our meeting. Also you are looking at one (type of business they are looking at) ie. Pizza Nova _____________. We will go find a few more (Same Business)____________ for sale and we will get you Financials for all of those so you can make a better decision on whether this is the right business for you or should you invest in another.
  • What questions should I ask at the first meeting with a potential client?
    Are you currently or have you recently worked with an agent to purchase a business? What type of business are you looking for? Do you have any experience or certifications in this line of business? Are you looking at something that requires day to day management from you or more of an investment opportunity? Will there be any partners or family members involved in this purchase? Desired Location(s) for the business? What is your ideal budget for this venture? Do you have a pre-approval from a bank to purchase this business or will you be buying in cash? (Speak about the Canada Small Business Loan and the benefits of it) Do you have a great accountant to help you figure out the financials of this business you wish to purchase? Do you have a good lawyer that deals in purchasing a business? How is your Credit Score? I will need a copy of your credit report. What is your timeframe for buying a business or commercial property?
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