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Why should you Stage your Home?

Home Staging
Home Staging

Why Should You Stage Your Home?

Sellers are often not aware of the many benefits staging brings to the table in a sale. They often see staging as an unnecessary cost, but the stats and sales data have shown how powerful staging can be. Here’s why you should stage your home before you sell it.

A staged home is likely to sell faster and at a higher price

The idea behind staging is to sell at or over asking and as quickly as possible. Staging will emphasize the best features of your home, leaving a great impression on interested buyers. For example, if you have a great view out of the window, the stagers may add a comfy armchair, a coffee table, a lamp and a book by the window to create the perfect setting which will immediately appeal to buyers.

Buyers connect easier with a staged home

A staged home means taking care of everything inside and outside the home. Cleaning, decluttering, furniture rearrangements and home décor to give every room a purpose. It will help potential buyers to connect with your home and imagine a life in it, e.g., having breakfast and coffee in the super-clean and functional kitchen, having a movie night in the comfy TV corner that the home stager has set up, etc. Stagers will make sure that every room and every corner has a clear purpose, e.g., if you have a den where you leave random stuff, the stagers will probably turn it into an office or guest room to show the room’s potential to interested buyers.

Maximizes space optimization

Staging will make the home appear bigger given that everything that’s in the way will be removed, like clutter, too large pieces of furniture and random too personalized knick-knacks. Buyers will be able to freely navigate through the home, without bumping into random objects, and they’ll be positively surprised that there’s so much space.

The home will be move-in ready

Buyers prefer homes that don’t require major updates or any additional work, and staged homes are usually down to the smallest detail, especially if you invest in things like new appliances or a fresh coat of paint for the walls. Buyers are usually willing to pay more for a finished product than a home in need of repairs even if it would cost less.

Include the costs in the sale price

Consider the mini-renovation or staging as an investment that will result in profit given that your home will stand out among other unstaged homes in the neighborhood. Include the costs in the sales price, and once the buyers see your neat and perfectly arranged home, they’ll understand what they get in return for the price.

Home staging is the best preparation technique to sell a home. It can increase the sale price by up to 15% and staged homes usually find a buyer relatively easy. It may seem like a lot of work, but with the help of your realtor and professional stager, your home will be ready in no time and sell in no time. After all, it’s in your interest to sell it as fast as possible.

Call me if you need any additional information regarding staged homes or preparations for a sale.



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