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Top 10 Things To Get A Higher Price On Your Listing

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Home sellers usually hope to sell their home at asking price or above, and luckily, there are several tricks to squeeze out more money from a sale. A number of factors which usually seem insignificant can play a big role in selling at higher price.  Therefore, it’s important to be aware of things that increase the value of your home. Here are ten things you could do:

1.    Pep up your home If you want your home to sell at a higher price, your home has to justify a high price. This means that your home needs to be in top condition. Repairing the roof, painting the walls, replacing doors/windows (if necessary) and getting new appliances are just some of the small things that can make your home look better and justify a higher price. 

2.    Staging and space optimization The above-listed repairs are also a part of staging, but there is more to it. Staging includes a number of other details like moving around furniture (or renting it), getting rid of uncomplimentary items and replacing them with tasteful décor with the goal to optimize the living space and create a homely feeling. A staged home will always look more spacious, and spacious homes are always pricier.  Always consider hiring a stager or better yet hire a realtor who includes staging in his/her service free of charge. 

3.    Declutter Get rid of all unnecessary stuff including things in your closets to provide for plenty of storage options.  It’s also recommended to keep visible surfaces clutter-free for a better impression.

4.    Curb appeal Your front yard should look inviting and warm. Mow the lawn, repaint the fence, add flowers and remove debris. 

5.    Pricing techniques Besides the physical appearance of your home, you’ll also have to think about pricing. Try to avoid round prices, given that odd prices have a significant psychological impact on consumers. For example, instead of listing your home for $400,000, you may simply opt for $399,900 to attract a bigger pool of buyers. Sometimes, sellers also set the asking price below market value which can result in multiple offers that go way over the asking price. 

6.    Competent listing agent Top agents don't grow on trees! You'll have to research and interview different agents before you find the right one for you. You need an excellent negotiator and fulltime agent who knows the market and someone who is willing to put your needs first. They should also come up with a marketing plan to attract the right target group. 

7.   Offer a bonus to the selling agent If you want agents to put an extra effort to sell your home and bring more people to your house showings, you should offer an additional incentive to them if they succeed to sell your home at a higher price.

8.    Virtual tours We all know that putting photos in the add is mandatory to attract buyers, but videos are even better. Create a virtual tour of your home and enable interested buyers to see every corner of it. 

9.    Hire a home inspector You might know the condition of your home, but a buyer doesn’t! They’ll need proof that everything you are saying is true. Handing them an inspection report will remove any doubts and increase your odds to sell at asking, especially if the report shows that your home is in perfect order. 

10.    Woo the buyer Buyers often narrow their choice down to two or three homes, and if your home makes the shortlist, maybe you’ll need to walk an extra mile to drive out the competition. As a seller, you may offer to pay for the closing costs or certain repairs they’d like to see or prepay a service for a year they would enjoy.


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